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Steelcase Universal Storage

One of the industry’s most complete office storage offering just got a whole lot better. With the ability to combine painted steel storage cases with proud laminate fronts creating a unique, fresh, new look has never been easier. Discover unlimited aesthetic potential across a full statement of line. Universal storage with laminate fronts combines the effectiveness and durability of steel with the soft, residential aesthetic of laminate. From open plan to the private office; it’s easy to create welcoming and collaborative work environments.

Steelcase Kick

How we work has changed dramatically in the last decade – and that will only continue. Today’s workplace needs a range of applications that support the different types of workers and work being done. From individuals to groups, focused to collaborative work, Kick offers a range of applications to meet these challenges today and the choices to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure

Details Series 7

Series 7 is an enhanced sit-to-stand electric height-adjustable workstation that easily moves and adjusts to any and all of your employees. Series 7 delivers the complete range of ergonomic postural benefits of a true sit-to-stand workstation.

  • Electric height adjustment range of 24.25″ to 52″
  • Instant and easy sit-to-stand adjustability with three controller options – presets, activation buttons, digital read-out – control up or down at 1.7″ per second.
  • Robust and sturdy with a distributed load-bearing capacity of 360 lbs. (2-leg) or 540 lbs. (3-leg)
  • Lifting columns controlled by central control box for synchronization
  • Internal DC motor housed inside lifting column
  • Various worksurface shapes, sizes and edge options are available

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure