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Turnstone Bivi

When Turnstone designed Bivi, they didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Everyday life has plenty. And some of it actually makes us better at what we do for a living. Those things that give us comfort, energy and even happiness outside of the office help create a smarter, harder-working place to work. People thrive when they’re able to express themselves and let their passions drive them. Whether it’s bringing bikes and pets to the office or working wherever inspiration strikes, personal lives are an increasing part of today’s professional work environment.

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Turnstone Buoy

Moving is good for you. Which is why Buoy swivels, turns, tilts, and moves up and down. It’s active sitting. It keeps our bodies active and our minds sharp. So go ahead, have a seat. With six bold colors, and endless ways to personalize, Buoy is a moving experience. After researching multiple small businesses, we noticed something: people are mobile, even when seated. Whether you’re a knee bouncer, a pencil tapper, or you’ve got jazz hands, Buoy lets you move freely. So feel free to pull up a seat. Or lean in. Or hunker down. Mobility matters.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure