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Turnstone Scoop

Inspired by a grain scoop, Kirt Martin designed this casual stool to support your creative interactions and need for expression. Minimalist lines make a simple statement, while cushions of color pop with comfort. Offered in both stool and seated heights, with either a black or platinum metallic wire frame, and plastic seat or upholstered seats. Perfect for break rooms and informal meeting areas.

Manufacturer’s Website  – Product Brochure

Allsteel Relate Seating

Relate work chairs offer the perfect combination of versatility and enhanced comfort for longer sits at your desk or extended meetings in the conference room. Deigned by Marcus Koepke, the Relate work chair features a contemporary, slim profile for any environment. Several innovative technologies, including a unique pivoting back and tension adjustment, provide active ergonomics and superior support.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure