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Turnstone Bivi

When Turnstone designed Bivi, they didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Everyday life has plenty. And some of it actually makes us better at what we do for a living. Those things that give us comfort, energy and even happiness outside of the office help create a smarter, harder-working place to work. People thrive when they’re able to express themselves and let their passions drive them. Whether it’s bringing bikes and pets to the office or working wherever inspiration strikes, personal lives are an increasing part of today’s professional work environment.

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Coalesse Visalia

The Visalia Lounge Collection from Coalesse is a cultivated departure from the sameness of office “house style.” visalia works a room. a sculpted tuxedo style lounge, its quality-stitched upper and lower upholstery facets and slim aluminum base give designers the opportunity to play with expressive two-tone motifs. With visalia, users can touch down, sit back, and confer. efficiently scaled, it can be grouped to promote collaboration, or arranged for relaxed reflection in offices, lobbies, even homes.

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Coalesse Topo

Success is best when refined. Topo, Coalesse’s  award-winning office and open-plan solution, has been elevated to a new level of function and appeal. Topo lounge seating features a fully upholstered, modern geometric form supporting a relaxed posture. Scaled for meeting tables or to fit within workstations, Topo lounge provides an alternative to typical guest or swivel seating. Standard Lounge and Lounge Jr. ottoman have a 4-star metal base with glides. Topo Mobile Lounge and Lounge Jr. are equipped with casters.

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