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Arold Hip Hop

Whether predictable, conventional, progressive or fluid, the rhythm of the room is set and becomes an inviting center of interest. With the Hip Hop collection, fluidity and contrasts will be the determining factors of your layout. Parallel lines converging towards a vanishing point on the horizon create an illusion of depth and give character to large spaces.

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Global River

Bring people together in a place where ideas, insight and inspiration can be shared. River supports an endless array of curvilinear and rectilinear configurations with three back heights and benches. Seating and tables can be specified with power and USB outlets for mobile devices. An optional HT construction lets River overachieve in high traffic, high demand environments such as airports and universities.

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BeSPACE, by JSI, combines the romance of bent plywood with flawless upholstery details to create an approachable, classic offering. This inviting, new seating and casework line features exposed plywood edges that create eye-catching, dramatic flair and revive the mid-century look. Clean lines highlight the soft details, as every arm and top surface curve is a gracious 120 degrees. Molded plywood adds an organic beauty and an edgy statement to create an alluring seating experience. Look for launch in the Winter of 2013

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