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OFD G-Connect

A workspace should be as unique as you are. This elegant design will give your office a modern look with functionality by combining a hidden voice and data system with ample storage capability. Compare G-Connect to the many domestic manufacturers and you will be pleasantly surprised. A great looking product, highly capable, and priced right, G-Connect may be the absolute best benching product available.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure

Turnstone Bivi

When Turnstone designed Bivi, they didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Everyday life has plenty. And some of it actually makes us better at what we do for a living. Those things that give us comfort, energy and even happiness outside of the office help create a smarter, harder-working place to work. People thrive when they’re able to express themselves and let their passions drive them. Whether it’s bringing bikes and pets to the office or working wherever inspiration strikes, personal lives are an increasing part of today’s professional work environment.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure

JSI Swish

From collaborative areas, to private offices, to conferencing, Swish can outfit an entire facility. Designed for people who work with people. Swish features layered surfaces, floating tops, collaborative lounge and integrated omni-directional electrical, and optimal storage. Select from 18 laminates, 6 acrylics, and a really cool back painted glass. Back painted glass also doubles as a markerboard surface! Enjoy Swish by JSI, a Micheal Shields design.

Manufacturer’s Website  –  Product Brochure  –  Idea Starters  –  Swish Video & Animations