About Us


Ken Miller

ITW Founder & 35 Year Industry Veteran

Interiors that Work was founded in 2012. At that time, I was employed by a Dallas area office furniture company that operated two dealerships. One an Allsteel, the other a Steelcase dealership. You might guess that there was a bit of a conflict in representing these two industry rivals. ITW was a great way to show clients the many products that I had available to them. It’s ironic that I do not represent either of these manufacturers any longer.

ITW is now a “blog with a purpose”. I post products that I like, have used in projects, or frankly just think look cool. Readers are encouraged to suggest items to post. If you’ve seen something that looks neat – let me know and I’ll get it up on the blog.

If I can help with any project in the North Texas and now also in the East Texas area, please let me know. We have relocated to Frankston, southwest of Tyler. We are enjoying life in East Texas and splitting our time between Frankston and Dallas. My family has a long history in East Texas dating back to 1836 in Cherokee County. It has taken too long to get back home.